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Orthopedic Therapy In Morganfield

What is Orthopedic Therapy?

Orthopedic physical therapy is a specialized field of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Orthopedic physical therapists work with individuals who have conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, and fractures. The goal of orthopedic physical therapy is to help individuals recover from injury, reduce pain and inflammation, increase mobility and strength, and prevent future injury.

How Does Orthopedic Therapy Work in Morganfield?

Orthopedic physical therapy typically begins with an evaluation of the individual’s condition and a physical examination to determine the cause of their pain or limitations. The physical therapist will then develop a customized treatment plan that addresses the individual’s specific needs and goals. This plan may include exercises, manual therapy techniques, modalities such as heat or ice, and the use of assistive devices or braces.

Exercise is a crucial component of orthopedic physical therapy. Physical therapists work with individuals to develop and implement a rehabilitation program that focuses on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. These exercises may include stretching, strengthening, and range-of-motion exercises that are designed to help individuals regain normal joint function and reduce pain.

Treatments Used in Orthopedic Therapy

Manual therapy techniques are also commonly used in orthopedic physical therapy. These techniques include hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and trigger point release. These techniques help to reduce pain and inflammation, increase joint mobility, and improve range of motion.

Modalities, such as heat and ice, are also commonly used in orthopedic physical therapy. Heat therapy, such as using a heat pack or hot towel, helps to increase blood flow and reduce pain and muscle spasms. Ice therapy, such as using an ice pack, helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, and numbs the area to reduce pain.

Assistive devices, such as braces and splints, are also commonly used in orthopedic physical therapy. These devices help to support and stabilize joints, reducing pain and allowing individuals to perform exercises and activities with greater ease. Physical therapists will often fit individuals with the appropriate brace or splint and provide instructions on proper use and care.

Orthopedic physical therapy is also focused on injury prevention. Physical therapists work with individuals to identify and address any factors that may increase their risk of injury, such as poor posture, muscle imbalances, or overuse. Physical therapists will then develop an exercise program that addresses these factors and helps to prevent future injury.

In addition to traditional physical therapy techniques, orthopedic physical therapists may also use cutting-edge technologies and treatments, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and laser therapy. These technologies and treatments help to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and accelerate the healing process.

Orthopedic physical therapy is a collaborative process, and physical therapists often work with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, surgeons, and occupational therapists, to provide comprehensive care for individuals with musculoskeletal conditions. This interdisciplinary approach helps to ensure that individuals receive the best possible care and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Orthopedic physical therapy is an essential component of care for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Physical therapists help individuals to recover from injury, reduce pain and inflammation, increase mobility and strength, and prevent future injury. With a focus on exercise, manual therapy techniques, modalities, and assistive devices, orthopedic physical therapists provide a comprehensive and effective approach to treating musculoskeletal conditions. Schedule your appointment to start your recovery today.

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Gail Hollis

I had suffered with shoulder pain for 3 years.  I decided to have an MRI done this summer and get results.  I had a SLAP tear in my right shoulder.  After consulting with my medical doctor he advised me to see an Orthopedic Surgeon, against his judgment I decided against it and went with physical therapy.  I’m so glad I did!!  In approximately 2 1/2 months I can use my arm/shoulder with little to no pain.   Knowing the right care, exercises and stretches to work with has been exceptional.   I cannot thank Issac enough for helping me through.   The staff and the therapist here at this facility are wonderful folks.   Not only working with one through the pain but everyone is welcomed with a smile and kindness!  Thank you again Ervin PT !!!! 

David Sutton

There aren’t enough positive words to describe Ervin Physical Therapy! Everyone there is great! They truly put your recovery and your best interest first. It’s like, you’re not there for therapy, but therapy is there for you. They treat you like family, something you don’t see much anymore.

I am 4 weeks out from total knee replacement and therapy is tough, don’t get me wrong. They know just how much they push and ask of you without making therapy so painful that you can’t (or won’t) do it at home. Isaac and my surgeon both say I am making great progress. I am nothing but totally satisfied and will continue to work with EPT for any therapy I need.